Welcome To Tokyo Cafe

Tokyo Cafe Breakfast
Gohan - $3.75
Steamed white rice. Optional toppings:
Pickled vegitables, tofu, eggs, grilled fish (+ $0.75), miso seasoning

Grilled Fish - $6.75
Choice of grilled or pan-sauteed.
Miso Soup - $4.50
Optional toppings:
Tofu, sliced green onion, mushrooms, seaweed

Natto - $5.75
Fermented soybeans mixed with rice, egg, mustard, soysauce.

Tokyo Cafe Lunch
Nikujaga - $4.50
Meat and potatoes
Sunomono - $5.75
Cucumber salad including seaweed. Optional sesame seed topping.
Oden - $2.50
Optional toppings:
Eggs, fishcakes, daikon, side of rice

Shrimp Dumplings - $6.75
Comes with a side of rice.

Tokyo Cafe Dinner
Miso Soup With Mussels - $8.75
Portion options:
Small (6 mussels), Normal (12 mussels), or Large (16 mussels)

Tofu With Crab Sauce - $4.50
Add spice by adding some ginger on top (optional)
Chirashi Sushi - $7.50
Open-face sushi with rice and a make-it-your-own topping mix. Toppings:
Egg, raw fish, uni, salmon eggs, cucumber, mushrooms, asparagus

Okonomiyaki - $3.75
A savory pancake made from cabbage and topped with mayo. Toppings:
Shrimp, green onion, cheese, pickled ginger, mushrooms, corn, and octopus (+ $0.75)
Comes with a side of rice.

Tokyo Cafe Drinks
Amazake - $2.75
Sweet fermented rice
Genmaicha - $3.50
Green tea leaves and roasted brown rice
Milk Tea - $2.50
Tea mixed with some milk
Ramune - $1.75